The Wonderful World in the Mirror

We love colors, diversity and the season of Spring as a new beginning. Even though we are not children anymore, we love fairy tales and we still believe in magic. We also love creating fairy tales – fashionable, colorful, full of wonders and anticipation.

This Spring won’t be the same. It will be joyful, full of adventures and moments to remember.

Well, now you know why we found our inspiration in “Alice in Wonderland”. We saw in her all that magic and vivid colors, which we see every day in The Mall. We promise you countless precious moments with us – from the shopping adventures, through the irresistible culinary temptations, the cozy popcorn nights in the cinema, all the way to the amazing surprises we have prepared for you.

A whole new marvelous world just for you, where to fall in love in the modern fairy tales. And just like in “Alice in Wonderland” it is always time for tea, in our world it is always time for The Mall.