Step out of the frame

For the spring collection at The Mall we were inspired by art and the way it’s represented in the world of fashion. Not only, because some of the greatest designers draw inspiration from it for their new collections, but also because of the numerous forms it takes.
To dress well is an art, to express yourself is an art as well. Do not let others stop you step out of the frame.
Do it.
Step into the world and walk through it in your own rhythm, express yourself without succumbing to the boring rules imposed by others.
Express yourself through your clothes, as well as your behavior.
And if you need help showing the world who you are – we are expecting you at The Mall with the new spring 2019 collection.
This is the perfect season to step out of the frame with vivid colours, floral prints, unexpected nuances, inventive silhouettes and lots of fun in the mix of the practical and the playful – with onesies, bows and flounces.
If you are thinking that you are a bit out of place when you take a look around, this collection is just for you. Find it in the stores at The Mall and let your imagination and your style run wild.

Vicky is wearing:
• shirt Hugo Boss – 272 lv.;
• scarf Mango – 29.99 lv.;
• trousers Joseph Janard from Peek&Cloppenburg – 199.99 lv.;
• clutch Mango – 19.99 lv.

Mihaela is wearing:
• top Jake’s from Peek&Cloppenburg – 69.99 lv.;
• skirt H&M – 109 lv.;
• fanny bag Mango – 29.99 lv.;
• red bag Furla – 920 lv.;
• golden bag Furla – 580 lv.;
• socks Reserved – 14.99 lv. per 3 pieces.;
• shoes Mohito – 69.95 lv.