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Fairy Weekends with Puppet Theaters at The Mall in June!

Ilkova Theatre – “The Dog That Didn’t Know How to Bark”

When you’re different, nobody likes you. But when you meet a friend and believe in yourself, things always work out. Friendship is the biggest success you can have in your life. That is what this story teaches us.

Тheatre “Karlson” – “Pippi Longstock”

“Pippi Longstock” is a performance made after the famous book by Astrid Lindgren.
Interpretation is like a story that teaches you how to create happiness yourself.
The favourite chidren’s character creates friendships, believes in her dreams and introduces to everyone else a crazy and adventurous world. Kids and adults are fascinated by her honesty and are not afraid to ask for more, so that they get more of what life offers every day! There’s a lot of wisdom in the children’s words, even if they’re said in a simple way. Many colorful pictures are presented to us creating bigger puzzles showing us that all answers are within us, if only we ask the right questions! We have to be sure that being together with characters like Pippi, Tommy and Anika, as well as the Teacher, the Policeman and the Bakerwoman we would never be bored!

Theatre “Trollywood” – “The Yellow Friends”

How wonderful the world is around us, especially when you have just hatched! But it is even more wonderful when you have a friend beside you, just the one you need! A story about the yellow chick who went looking for yellow friends and found out how big he was.

Theatre “Allaedin” – “The Fishermand and the Golden Fish”

There was an old man who went fishing every day. His name was Radko. He caught the golden fish and let it go back in the water, without thinking about any payback. He came home and his wife, Zlata, came angry at him. She wished for a palace, slaves, gold, pearls and fortune. What happens in the end teaches us that the greed is never good and the two old people end up in their old house.

The classic tales are told in a very funny and attractive way, adapted for kids.
All kids are welcomed every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, 2nd floor. The shows are free.