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Fairy weekends with Puppet Theaters at The Mall in May!

06.05 – Allaedin Theatre – “Allaedin”

The performance is based on “ Alaeddin and the magic lamp” but the tale is retold by the Gin of the lamp , who is not just an executor of orders , but a cause for many turns in the destinies of the heroes. After his hardest mission , namely the gathering of two lovers the Gin is already free ….
But does he agree?

13.05 – Theatre “Danny & Dessi” – “Where Are You, My Friend?”

A little hedge-hog is looking for a friend, but it turns out that nobody wants to play with him, perhaps because of his thorns. He goes on looking for a friend and he finally finds another little hedge-hog. They become friends and save the rabbit from the fox and stay together. The story teaches the kids that “Friendship is priceless, keep it well!”

20.05 – State Puppet Theatre Gabrovo – “Incredible Adventures in the Woods”

There’s everything in the woods. Everything. Even when you’re alone, you’ll find a friend, you will not be in danger. The woods is filled with adventures and songs, making it attractive for the children.

27.05 – State Puppet Theatre Bourgas – “The Two Princesses”

Two girls, two princesses grow up together. What does it matter if Ann is more beautiful than Kate? Kate is such a kind-hearted person that she wouldn’t dream of envying her stepsister. The two girls are happy and love each other.

Everything would have been all right but had it not been for the evil-minded stepmother. She decides to take away Ann’s beauty from her by using magic. And she is successful. But as a result she loses the love of her own child. Kate together with Ann start on a journey to look for the cure that will bring back Ann’s beauty.

The classic tales are told in a very funny and attractive way, adapted for kids.
All kids are welcomed every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, 2nd floor. The shows are free.