Exciting Puppet Shows in November! Come and join us!


State Puppet Theatre Sliven – “The Little Dwarf”

The forest is in flames. Only the Little Dwarf Jacob can save it, but will he do it? It turns out that with the good help of the forest animals, he stands against two powers at the same time. The first one is the nature and its mighty power, and the second one is within him. Will he get over himself in the name of a higher cause? Come to see this unforgettable adventure of the Little Dwarf Jacob!


State Puppet Theatre Gabrovo – “The Pig Boy”

The story of the capricious princess and the prince, hidden under the clothes of the royal pig boy, will be presented by the actors Radostina Andreeva, Bogdan Bogdanov and Atanas Filipov, who is debuting on the stage of Gabrovo Puppet Theatre.


State Puppet Theatre Yambol – “Puss in Boots”

The puppet performance “Puss in Boots’ is a contemporary view of the classic story. The fairy-tale about the clever cat is told with a lot of dynamics and charm. The type of performance – “A game of theatre” charms the little spectator and brings him closer to the action of the story told in order to lead him to the happy ending – the one that every child loves.


Theatre “Danny & Dessi” – “Honey Tales”

А honey saleswoman goes around trying to sell her jars of honey, but it turns out she’s among the children. Then she decides to tell them her favourite stories from her childhood. Suddenly in front of the children’s eyes she is creating the stage design, and with the 9 jars of honey she creates 18 forest characters, in the stories that she tells. The performance is based entirely on improvisation and communication with the audience. A fun show based on the classical Bulgarian stories “Working Mama Bear” and “The Hungry Little Bear.”

The classic tales are told in a very funny and attractive way, adapted for kids. All kids are welcomed every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, 2nd floor. The shows are free for everyone.