Puppet Shows in March

Puppet shows at The Mall! Look at our program for March and come join us on ground floor – in front of Technopolis store. We will be there every Saturday from 11:00 o’clock.

02.03 – Theatre “Iris Diamond” – “Mini Mouse After the Lost Treasure”

Mickey Mouse is looking for a precious treasure – what is it and where is the trunk hidden? You will find out if you join him. He will also have a company – the merry and funny Pluto. And if Minnie Mouse will help him or she will look for the treasure herself, you will discover at the performance. Together we’ll also learn the dance of Mickey Mouse and have some fun!

09.03 – Тheatre “Trollywood” – “Thumbelina”

A classical and very well known story, but this time told in a new and quite amusing way.

16.03 – Ilkova Theatre – “Sunny Snow”

Some powder snow has just fallen down. And we tell an old story of a snowman that is so rude that when he melts, there is only one puddle of mud left of him. And about another snowman, that is so good that when the time comes for him to melt, everyone wants to save him. “But this is not necessary – because from my water, flowers and grass will grow” – he says. And that is the truth!

23.03 – State Puppet Theatre Yambol – “Grandma, Grandchild and a Puppy”

This is a story about granny Marta and the puppy Koko, a story about the spring, and the love between a Granny and the Grandchild. The student Koko lives in the big city and is very, very busy… And his Granny lives in a small village. She wants to see her grandkid very much and one day she decides to go to the big city to see Koko. But Koko took the same decision and he went to his Grandma Marta, and here they meet! It’s a long awaited meeting by both of them, and the happiness is huge, and the games – unbelievable.

30.03 – Theatre “Danny & Dessi” – “Miracles Happen”

What is happiness? A girl, a mouse and an umbrella….are dreaming! The performance is about the little things that surround us. If you can feel them, you will fly on the wings of your dreams come true!

The classic tales are told in a very funny and attractive way, adapted for kids. All kids are welcomed every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, ground floor, in front of Technopolis store. The shows are free for everyone.

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