Puppet Shows in March

Puppet shows at The Mall! Look at our program for February. Come join us on ground floor: the stage in front of Technopolis store. We will be there every Saturday from 11:00 o’clock.

07.03 – Theatre “Alladin” – “The Fisherman and the Golden Fish”

There was an old man who went fishing every day. His name was Radko. He caught the golden fish and let it go back in the water, without thinking about any payback. He came home and his wife, Zlata, came angry at him. She wished for a palace, slaves, gold, pearls and fortune. What happens in the end teaches us that the greed is never good and the two old people end up in their old house.

14.03 – State Puppet Theatre Sliven – “Button for Sleep”
Oggy doesn’t sleep in the dark, and his Grandpa is telling him stories. The button for sleep is rotating the memories of the night. The first story is about fish. The second one – about a cat. The button turned around, and a dream came out of the night. A weird third story – about love…

21.03 – State Puppet Theatre Yambol – “Evil Magic with a Happy End”

Was it, or was it not, but they say that beyond the green field, beyond the unknown forest, beyond the deep river, the good king Alabal the First once lived, and his picky daughter – Princess Gratsiela. A lot of good applicants for the Princess’s hand arrived, but the proud princess called for her faith and invites the evil magician Gorolom in her kingdom. She then, bewitched to jump like a frog, began looking for help. Will there be a brave prince that will save her from the spell?… You will find out yourself…

28.03 – Theatre “Danny & Dessi” – “Butterfly Magic”

This is an educative performance, based on two stories.
In the beginning of the world, there were no colors and everything was white. After the first rain the blue appeared, then the green, the yellow…and thus the ball of colors began. All colors mixed and the world was beautifully colored. Looking for a friend, the small caterpillar went into the wonderful meadow and asked everyone she met if they wanted to play with her. However, the ladybugs rejected her as she was not beautiful, the beetle rejected her for not being able to play rock music, the bees – for not able to collect honey, the firefly – for not blinking like her. Finally the caterpillar got very upset and went into sleep rolled in a cocoon. In the morning the cricket came and woke her up, singing about her beauty. And then everyone found out that not only in fairy-tales the caterpillars became amazing butterflies. She forgave everyone for their ignorance and found her true friends.

The stage design turns unexpectedly into a beautiful vision of a fabulous sunny day. The puppets are incredibly created – a combination between mechanic and soft puppets, which makes them alive in a fantastic way, with lots of provocation for the children’s imagination.
The performance has been presented at festivals in Targovishte, Bulgaria, and the biggest puppet forum HARMONY WORLD PUPPET CARNIVAL in Bangkok. Theatre “Danny & Dessi” received nomination for best children puppet show in Top 3, and the award for Best Music Composition for “Butterfly Magic”.

This year Theatre “Danny & Dessi” took part in the International Puppet Festival in Bengalore, India, where it won 4 awards for that performance.
The classic tales are told in a very funny and attractive way, adapted for kids. All kids are welcomed every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, ground floor, in front of Technopolis store. The shows are free for everyone.

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