Puppet Shows in December

Here is our program for December. Come join us on ground floor: the stage in front of Technopolis store. We will be there every Saturday from 11:00 o’clock.

07.12 – State Puppet Theatre Gabrovo – “Grandpa’s Glove”

This is a dramatization of one of the most famous fairy tales of the master of literature – Elin Pelin. With the actors’ performance, the magic puppets and the wonderful music, the children are experiencing the adventures of the unusual guests of the lost glove of Granpa from Zlatitsa.

14.12 – Theatre “Danny & Dessi” – “Santa’s Deer”

А very magical story about the miracles that happen at Christmas’ Eve. The little deer was born with a red nose, different from all the other deers. Everyone made fun of him. But the night before Christmas, Santa Claus takes the Deer with the red nose to light the way for him and his sleigh, so that he can reach all children and they can get their most wished presents

21.12 – State Puppet Theatre Sliven – “Santa’s Stolen boots”

Can you imagine a Christmas celebration without Santa Claus? Can you imagine a Christmas celebration without Christmas presents? … When someone steals the magic boots of Santa Claus, it can happen.

But Red Riding Hood, the two piglets – Choo Choo and, Hedgehog and clown Totko caught very quickly daring thief. And after  a great adventure, all are waiting for a real Christmas celebration!

28.12 – Ilkova Theatre – “Sunny Snow”

Some powder snow has just fallen down. And we tell an old story of a snowman that is so rude that when he melts, there is only one puddle of mud left of him. And about another snowman, that is so good that when the time comes for him to melt, everyone wants to save him. “But this is not necessary – because from my water, flowers and grass will grow” – he says. And that is the truth!

The classic tales are told in a very funny and attractive way, adapted for kids. All kids are welcomed every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, ground floor, in front of Technopolis store. The shows are free for everyone.

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