Puppet Theatre at The Mall is Back!

Puppet shows at The Mall are back! Here is what we have prepared for you in September:

12.09. – Theatre “Danny & Dessi” – “Where Are You, My Friend?”

A little hedgehog is looking for a friend, but it turns out nobody wants to play with him, perhaps because of his spikes. He starts looking for a friend, and after a lot of troubles he finds another hedgehog. They become friends and save the rabbit from the fox and stay together. The message for the children is that “Friendship is priceless, take good care of it, kids!”

19.09. – Theatre “Dennitsa Art” – “The Frogs That Were Looking for Their Tails”

Why the adult frogs are always shouting and arguing? One day, when we grow older, we’ll find out. “The Frogs that were Looking for Their Tails” – a story about the little tadpoles who grow older and discover a whole new world. And with obstacles and fun they turn into young frogs.

26.09. – Children Sports Theatre – “King Football”

“King Football” is a fun, entertaining representation of the most popular game on

the planet – football. It has a display element for the little ones, a cognitive element for the bigger ones and emotion for the big ones. Using the well known qualities of theater and animation, the performance represents emblematic people and the basic rules of the game of  football, teaches sportsmanship, tolerance and love of the country. “King Football” is an attractive, visual, multimedia show, which provokes the imagination and curiosity of children and actively involves them in real and interactive activities.

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