Puppet Show in October

Puppet shows at The Mall! Look at our program for October. Come join us on ground floor: the stage in front of Technopolis store. We will be there every Saturday from 11:00 o’clock.

05.10 – State Puppet Theatre Gabrovo – “Winnie The Pooh”

Several generations have already grown up with the story of the philosophic “foolish bear” Winnie The Pooh and his friends from the Big Forest. The theatre has prepared an exciting meeting with the youngest audience with Winnie The Pooh. Inspired by the story of the naughty little bear by A.A. Miln, the performace will take the spectators into a fairy- tale full of the emblematic charm and wit of the well known episodes about the colorful inhabitants of the Big Forest.
This time the favourite of all kids naughty bear will go on a crazy adventure looking for Yori’s missing tail. Just a usual day will turn into a very busy and full of obstacles day for the bear which went out just to find a little honey. The adventure is also joined by his charming friends Rabbit, the Pig, the Owl, Kanga, Roo and Yori himself. The looking for Yori’s missing tail turns into a big adventure for the merry friends.

12.10 – Theatre “Danny & Dessi” – “The Frog and the Foreigner”

This performance has been realized with the support of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Bulgaria and “Art Nova” Foundation. It covers the subject of the uniting of all European cultures, in this case between the Dutch and the Bulgarian. The theme of the performance is very up-to-date and is about the integration of the “foreigners” in already existing communities. Through the visual works of the famous Dutch artist and the charm of the Bulgarian puppet theatre, the main theme gets directly to the children’s hearts: “If you accept me, and I accept you, the whole world will become richer! Let’s be friends!”


19.10 – State Puppet Theatre Yambol – “A Shop for Colors”

One day in the shop of Pablo the artist, an important client came in, the little Frida. She loved to draw, but in her palette only three colors were left. How to paint all things? The Colors and the Light are coming to help. Let’s have fun with Frida and discover together the magic of colors!

26.10 – Theatre “Karlson” – “The Little Prince”

I witnessed the opening of a rose. She was careful choosing the colors and slowly slowly was taking care of her petals. The Rose lived on the same star as the Little Prince. On the star there was also a volcano. The Prince was taking care every day about the Rose and the Volcano.
“You see truly only with your heart. The most valuable is not visible for the eyes”.

The classic tales are told in a very funny and attractive way, adapted for kids. All kids are welcomed every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, ground floor, in front of Technopolis store. The shows are free for everyone.

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