New life for your old t-shirt. Brought by professional artists.

We are going to open an artistic urban corner at The Mall between 12th and 16th September. Our team of artists will be painting with textile paint onto clothes and accessories. So, why don’t you bring an old t-shirt of yours, or sneakers, or cap that we can bring new life to? Whatever comes in your mind. We may even turn it into a piece of art. We haven’t forgotten about the kids – they can do body painting, so do not hesitate and join us in our colorful activities.

Here are a few words about our artists:

Veni loves her job so much that she does many things simultaneously – freelance artist, graphic designer, illustrator, home decorator and many more. She started painting when she became a mother in order to create cute and fun stories for her daughter.

Ivanka is an artist since she was a kid. She studied Graphics at the National Art Academy and Interior Design at New Bulgarian University. She’s been a participant in numerous art projects, exhibitions and contests and likes experimenting with different art techniques. She believes that her work touches people’s hearts and make them smile.

Nora is an artist and designer. She graduated at National Art Academy where she is Ph.D in Digital Art. Her main inspirations are nature, science and travel.

On September 14th we will have an addition to our party – Antoaneta who you may know as Tochka as well. Here comes the interesting part – she will create a giant 3D sticker at Level -2. Impressive, isn’t it? We’re sure that it will be something not to be skipped and it may not be a bad thing for you to take a photo with. 🙂

The Urban corner working hours are between 12:00 and 20:00. It is going to be a lot of fun and colorful, we will be waiting at the ground floor, at the main entrance of The Mall. Don’t forget – 12-16 September.

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