In January, prepare yourself for awesome fairy spectacles for the little ones at The Mall

Theater “Iris Diamond” – “Mickey and Minney Mouse”

Interactive performance with the participation of the children. Together with Mickey Mouse they will search for the lost treasure. And what it is they will find out in the end…An educative performance in which they learn and practice English words with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


Ilkova Theater – “The Tree”

A very weird family are sleeping all winter long. But the neighbours decide to wake them up before Christmas. This is a terrible happening but in the end all goes well and everyone is celebrating.


Theatre “Dennitsa Art” – “The Stories of Marco: The Two Goats”

It’s so good to have friends! The witty story-teller Marco will tell the children a very well-known story, but with a different end. A story of the two goats that will no longer fight, but become friends! And in the end we shall dance together the horo of the friendship!


Trollywood Theatre – “The Little Star”

A story about the adventures of a little star on her favourite Earth. A trip, in which she gives her good, helps people in need and finds out that the world changes in this way!

The classic tales are told in a very funny and attractive way, adapted for kids. All kids are welcomed every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, 2nd floor. The shows are free.