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Fairy weekends with Puppet Theaters at The Mall in March

04.03 – Theatre “Trollywood” – “Kosse Bosse”

The Fox and the little Kosse Bosse meet in a story about a tail, cunning and stolen eggs, a story about how even the most clever one is punished for the cunning!

11.03 – Theatre “Dennitsa Art” – “The Ladybug”

“The Ladybug” – the new musical story presents truths about the good relationships and upbringing, in a very funny way, understandable even for the youngest ones.
The main theme is: “Be nice and good to the others! Don’t talk about anyone things, which you are not sure of! It is very good to help – this makes us happy too!”

18.03 – Theatre “Danny & Dessi” – “Butterfly Magic”

This is an educative performance, based on two stories.
In the beginning of the world there were no colors and everything was white. After the first rain the blue appeared, then the green, the yellow…and thus the ball of colors began. All colors mixed and the world was beautifully colored. Looking for a friend, the small caterpillar went into the wonderful meadow and asked everyone she met if they wanted to play with her. However, the ladybugs rejected her as she was not beautiful, the beetle rejected her for not being able to play rock music, the bees – for not able to collect honey, the firefly – for not blinking like her. Finally the caterpillar got very upset and went into sleep rolled in a cocoon. In the morning the cricket came and woke her up, singing about her beauty. And then everyone found out that not only in fairy-tales the caterpillars became amazing butterflies. She forgave everyone for their ignorance and found her true friends.

The stage design turns unexpectedly into a beautiful vision of a fabulous sunny day. The puppets are incredibly created – a combination between mechanic and soft puppets which makes them alive in a fantastic way, with lots of provocation for the children’s imagination.

The performance has been presented at festivals in Targovishte, Bulgaria, and the biggest puppet forum HARMONY WORLD PUPPET CARNIVAL in Bangkok. Theatre “Danny & Dessi” received nomination for best children puppet show in Top 3, and the award for Best Music Composition for “Butterfly Magic”. This year Theatre “Danny & Dessi” took part in the International Puppet Festival in Bengalore, India, where it won 4 awards for that performance.

25.03 – State Puppet Theatre Vidin – “The Princess and the Pea”

The classic tale told very funny and attractively.

All kids are welcomed every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, 2nd floor. The shows are free. Join our Facebook event.