Fairy Weekends with Puppet Theaters at The Mall in July!

Ilkova Theatre – “Why mice can’t read”

When it’s your first time to school it’s very important that the family supports you, so that you can overcome the difficulties on the way. A story about a chick, a bunny and a mouse.

State Puppet Theatre Yambol – “The Ugly Duckling”

A performance based on the classic story about the Ugly duckling that teaches us to believe in ourselves and continue growing every day! Because each of us becomes a beautiful swan one day!

Theatre On Wheels – “One Story with Two Mice”

One day the field mouse gets into a cupboard full of all kinds of tasty things and decides that he has discovered the mice paradise, when the town mouse that lives in the cupboard surprises him. The owner of the house enters in the middle of an epic fight over a piece of cheese and is dazzled to discover that there are mice in the cupboard. She puts poison right away. The hungry field mouse jumps over it immediately, but the town mouse saves him, knowing about the town life stories.
After more difficulties the two mice become friends and decide to go out and live together in freedom.

No one is poor if he has friends!
Friendship, responsibility, the freedom to make your own choice, who you are and what your life purpose is – these are the themes of the performance!

Theatre Trollywood – “Hensel and Gretel”

A story about two kids left in the woods that have to find the way not only back home, but also the way to growth. A story about the sweet house, the evil witch and the tests of good hearts.

Ilkova Theatre – “One Magical Day”

It’s a story about a young hedge hog that played with the garbage and lost his arms, eyes, etc. and looks like a poisonous mushroom. The bear decides to save him with a magic water. All other animals mock him because he’s different. In the end the bear cures him and he helps the bear.
Yes, miracles happen here on earth, but for them to exist, there must be a lot of good in our souls.

The classic tales are told in a very funny and attractive way, adapted for kids.
All kids are welcomed every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, 2nd floor. The shows are free.