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Fairy weekends with Puppet Theater at The Mall in December

3.12. “Theatre on Wheels” – “A Story with Two Mice”
On day the field mouse goes into a cupboard full of al kind of delicious things and just when he decides that he has finally found the “mouse paradise”, he gets surprised by the City mouse. In the middle of an epic battle for a piece of yellow cheese the owner of the house comes in and discovers that there are mice inside, terrified. She puts poison right away. The hungry Field mouse grabs it immediately, but the City mouse jumps and helps, because he knows the traps of the city life.
After a few difficulties and meetings with the dangers of the city life, the two mice become friends and decide to get out and live in freedom together.
Noone is poor when he has friends!
Friendship, responsibility, the freedom to make your own choice, who you are and what your place in life is – these are the subjects of this performance.

10.12. State Puppet Theatre Sliven – “The Naughty Cake”
What goes first – the wittiness or the goodness? A good and naughty cake goes into adventures to answer that question!

17.12. Ilkova Theatre – “Sunny Snow”
Some powder snow has just fallen down. And we tell an old story of a snowman that is so rude that when he melts, there is only one puddle of mud left of him. And about another snowman, that is so good that when the time comes for him to melt, everyone wants to save him. “But this is not necessary – because from my water, flowers and grass will grow” – he says. And that is the truth!

24.12. Fire Theatre – “The Doll Girl”
The little Nikoleta loves playing so much that she doesn’t want to do anything else in her life. Even in the eve of Christmas, when her parents ask her to help with the preparations, she refuses and closes herself grumpy in her room.
Suddenly her favourite doll Pietro goes alive and offers to take her to the land of the toys. There, cheated first by the Salesman of toys, and then by the other toys themselves, Nikoleta trades her mind, her feelings and her will for the opportunity to get into the Palace of Adventures, where she can play for the rest of her life.
Thus, Niki herself turns into a puppet, and the Salesman of toys wraps her up, so that he can sell her at a high price to some other kid. Nikoleta realizes her mistake and tries to get back to her parents, but that is impossible. Fortunately miracles happen at Christmas time. The good Fairy of Childhood comes along and turns Nikoleta into a normal girl again, just this time a good one.

All kids are welcomed to the puppet shows every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, 2nd floor. The shows are free.