This December, prepare yourself for awesome fairy spectacles for the little ones at The Mall.

Theatre “Trollywood” – “Kosse Bosse”

The Fox and the little Kosse Bosse meet in a story about a tail, cunning and stolen eggs, a story about how even the most clever one is punished for the cunning!

State Puppet Theatre Gabrovo – “Thumbelina”

A lyrical performance by Andersen. This wonderful tale is narrated by two amusing water spirits. They know Thumbelina and are involved in her story. The plot follows the classic tale, interrupted by the fun spells of the water spirits. The fairytale scenography, the puppets and the music complement the fairy ballad of Thumbelina, thrown into the whirlpool of life, in search of happiness and love.

State Puppet Theatre Sliven – “Snow Dream”

What happens in magical Lapland, while the Christmas surprises are being created? How do Dwarfina, Slowly, Poemly, Faststepper and Hardworker make the last preparations of the presents for the children all over the world? Of course, their helping hand is the robot coockoo – clock. And be careful – the good old white-bearded man knows all – the good things and the bad things. And perhaps he is just now passing by us with his crew…

Theatre “Dennitsa Art” – “The Late Letter”

Holidays are coming! Christmas is knocking on the door!
Everyone has sent their letters to Santa long time ago and are impatiently waiting for their present underneath the Xmas tree. Is it everybody…?!
Rabbit, busy with his deeds, has forgotten to to this.
Let’s have fun together while chasing the dwarfs and give the late Rabbit letter.
And…before the fun begins…Did you send your letters?

The classic tales are told in a very funny and attractive way, adapted for kids. All kids are welcomed every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, 2nd floor. The shows are free.