Danny Petkanov, Naum Shopov and Tea are going to celebrate St. Valentine’s at The Mall

Love Express and our special guests are going to surprise more than 3000 visitors at The Mall on the 14th of February.

It’s blind and does not ask for permission. Some think it lasts three years, others say it goes through the stomach. Well, this year one thing is certain – love passes through The Mall, and it also rides a love express. First class.

For St. Valentine’s The Mall is going to surprise everyone who chooses the Way of Love and meets the love express. Here’s a hint – it has wheels and it is decorated with thousands of hearts. You cannot miss it. And it’s not to be missed. Also, it carries over 3000 surprises.

Daniel Petkanov, Naum Shopov and Tea – all three in love and famous – are going to ride the express as well. The crazy reporter, who recently welcomed to the world his son Gabriel, is going to be a VIP concierge at the Central entrance of The Mall.



Bulgaria’s favourite couple – Naum and Tea – have also chosen to celebrate their love at The Mall. They will arrive on the time but probably won’t stick to a strict schedule! Look for them after 12:30pm.



Love passes through The Mall. Make way, s’il vous plait.