Come to the Scary Laboratory of The Mall

Halloween – that moment of the year when everybody’s talking about monsters and horrors.

But we asked ourselves: what if we do something a bit more exciting for the children?

That’s why this year Halloween’s going to be different. In partnership with Mad Lab we have created a scary laboratory in which boys and girls can experiment, have fun and learn new things.

This year we are not going to carve pumpkins, we are going to blow them.

There’s not going to be light coming out of them, but smoke.

We are not going to scare children with skeletons and witches but they’ll get scared anyway. Because science is exciting and captivating.

We are expecting all children on the 31st of October at 17:00 for make-up and electrifying hair-dos, and at 19:00 for the main event at our scary lab.

Halloween 2019 at The Mall, fl. -2. Don’t forget to join our Facebook event!

The event is appropriate for children above the age of 4.