This December The Mall is cooking Christmas fairytales on threads!

From now on, The Mall’s Puppet Shows will be played on bigger stage. Come and join us every Saturday from 11:00 o’clock on ground floor, in front of Technopolis store. This month you can watch:

01.12 – Theatre “Karlson” – “The Wizzard from the Closet”

“I said the spell in front of our basement, but no witch came out”. These are words by children who went into the magic world of the story “The Witch from the Closet”.

The performance is based on the story of the same name by the French writer Pier Gripari and is full of the magic of a small world, where everybody can be a hero.

A witch lives in a basement – she’s old and she’s evil. In her tries to conquer the city with her evil, she meets Pier. Will he be able to defeat her? Will he be able to get rid of his loneliness and find real friends?
While fighting with the Witch, Pier meets Mary. Besides love, he finds new friends: Mr. Mouse and the magic fish. And so … as always, good wins in fairy tales!

08.12. – Theatre “Dennitsa Art” – “No Worries, Christopher!”

The turtle Christopher will lead us into a very amusing adventure and will learn together with the children eight very important rules when defending from different disasters.

15.12. – State Puppet Theatre Sliven – “Snow Dream”

What happens in magical Lapland, while the Christmas surprises are being created? How do Dwarfina, Slowly, Poemly, Faststepper and Hardworker make the last preparations of the presents for the children all over the world? Of course, their helping hand is the robot coockoo – clock. And be careful – the good old white-bearded man knows all – the good things and the bad things. And perhaps he is just now passing by us with his crew…

22.12. – Trollywood Theatre – “The Little Star”

A story about the adventures of a little star on her favourite Earth. A trip, in which she gives her good, helps people in need and finds out that the world changes in this way!

29.12. – Theatre “Danny & Dessi” – “Christmas Letter”

In the faraway land, where the icy storms go to sleep and where the snowy fairies were born, there was a flock of deer. One spring a very unusual baby deer was born, with a red nose. Everyone was mocking him, but at Christmas there was a heavy fog and Santa Claus lost his deer. He saw the deer with the red nose, harnessed him into the sled and so they reached every houses where there were boys and girls, and Santa Claus gave them their wished presents.

The classic tales are told in a very funny and attractive way, adapted for kids. All kids are welcomed every Saturday from 11:00 AM at The Mall, ground floor, in front of Technopolis store. The shows are free for everyone.