Behind the Curtains of Heaven

For the summer collections at The Mall we draw inspiration from art once again. Art and fashion are connected for centuries and this year we found our perfect vision of summer in the heavenly pictures drawn by Magritte.

Let’s not just sit on the outside. Let’s raise the curtains and look behind it and into Heaven.

What’s your image of it?

Here’s our vision – people with strong character and individuality. Brave souls that are not afraid to be themselves. Their style sense reigns supreme over every possible fear.

And why be afraid if you know you look splendid?

And if people usually just dream of heaven, we work towards turning our fantasies into reality.

That’s why the new summer collections offer you garments that help you show the world who you really are. That give you confidence and make your dreams come true.

Designers make you feel really good in your skin (and clothes) whatever your personal preferences may be. They offer a large spectrum of styles – from colourful summer outfits to chic clothes in grey, from flattering silhouettes to fluid designs, they cover everybody from girls to women.

Everything for everyone. The summer collections are expecting you at The Mall.

So do we.


The girls are dressed in: