Beer Fest


We cannot imagine summer without beer… That is why we are organizing a summer beer festival at the parking in front of the main entrance of The Mall! We invite you to try the enormous variety of the brew: Bulgarian craft beer; Scottish, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, Indian beer; English and Belgian Ales; German lager and Weiss beer; Czech and Polish pilsner. In order to have truly fulfilling experience we have also prepared delicious appetizers and food! There will also be presentations, tastings and surprises!

We are waiting for you from 11 July until 30 September at the parking in front of the main entrance. All summer long!

With the support of Бира ГАЙДА / Bagpipe Bulgarian beerHobgoblin beer GRBeer Shop В света на бирата / Beer Shop In the world of beer; Балканска скара; Paulaner

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