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MOHITO celebrates femininity in its brand new campaign autumn/winter 2018

For last ten years MOHITO has been dressing women who love fashion and admire non-cliché urban elegance. MOHITO celebrates this decennial anniversary by highlighting the importance of women’s strength with a question: What does the femininity mean to you? Production team of the campaign #celebratefemininity consisted of Mateusz Stankiewicz, a photographer who took the first […]


Reserved “I Can Boogie” – Chapter 2: „A Call for Dance“

Joanna Kulig and Jeanne Damas return in the second chapter of the AW campaign of Reserved. This time #ICanBoogie by Gordon Von Steiner is set at the very heart of Warsaw. The lighting and mood of the surroundings change – and we witness a sensual, non-verbal dialogue between the Polish actress and the French influencer. […]


Back in town and back at home.

You might already be missing summer, but, admit it, you were also missing the city while on holiday, weren’t you? And while you were away our top brands were preparing their AW collections. Now The Mall is expecting you with trendy city outfits for the nights out, stylish costumes for the business week and fancy […]


Back To School!

Together with the approaching start of the new school year,  we present in CCC stores a wide range of footwear and backpacks. You will find in assortment both shoes of well-known sports brands, such as: Puma and Reebok and shoes of our own brands. Let’s plan your stylish Back to school with CCC!



New life for your old t-shirt after event

We had high expectations for our urban corner, but we couldn’t have imagined it would be such a success! Our colourful spot was visited by dozens of art lovers, we all had tremendous fun and certainly didn’t spare any paint. Our team of brilliant artists gave new life to old t-shirts and turned them into […]


New life for your old t-shirt. Brought by professional artists.

We are going to open an artistic urban corner at The Mall between 12th and 16th September. Our team of artists will be painting with textile paint onto clothes and accessories. So, why don’t you bring an old t-shirt of yours, or sneakers, or cap that we can bring new life to? Whatever comes in […]


In September, The Mall invites all future parents to School for Parents!

September 12th, 10:00 AM Family Adaptation after the Baby is Born. Father’s Role. Lecturer: Vessela Genadieva, Certified Post Care Consultant   September 26th, 10:00 AM Feeding the baby. Lecturer: Desi Peeva, Leader-Consultant in Breastfeeding, La Lecce League, Bulgaria   “School for parents” lectures are held at The Mall, floor 2. All interested in the topics […]


The Mall’s Puppet Shows will continue in September! Come and join us!

01.09 State Puppet Theatre Shumen – “Samohvalko” The little pink elephant says that he is the bravest and strongest in the world. His words reach the ears of the Master of the most scary things, who gets very upset and decides to put the elephant in three challenges – a storm with lightenings, a fire […]